Please note that all decisions are final, and the Board is under no obligation to fund any case submitted to it.  But should the circumstances of your case change, you are free to submit a new application.


  • Email:
  • Phone: 604.283.2209
  • Office: RM 3123 - AMS Student NEST                     6133 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1



How to Apply

  • You will need to fill out and submit an SLFS Application Form below

  • You will need to sign an SLFS Waiver of Liability Form, which states that SLFS cannot be held liable for any problems which may arise as a result of our advice or assistance. 

  • We will notify you when we receive your application and may ask for further information. We look at your application and determine whether it meets the basic requirements for an eligible case.

  • If the Board feels that your case meets the mandate of the Society and has a possibility of proceeding, the Board will pass the case on to the SLFS Litigation Committee (LitComm) for an opinion.

  • Your signing of the Funding Application grants SLFS the right to obtain legal advice on your behalf in order for LitComm to advise the SLFS Board on the probability of success of the case. 

  • The Board will then decide whether to offer you funding based on its consideration of the legal aspects of the case and funding criteria as outlined above.  If not offered funding, we will inform you of the reasons.

  • We will then communicate the Board’s decision. If you have been granted funding, we include a Funding Agreement for you to sign.

General Inquiries Form

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We are always pleased to hear from our constituents about any academic, housing or other university related issues. Please feel free to complete the form below, or drop by our office for a consultation.