Please note that all decisions are final, and the Board is under no obligation to fund any case submitted to it. But should the circumstances of your case change, you are free to submit a new application.


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How to Apply for Funding

  • If you (a UBC student) have an issue that would result in taking legal action against the university (e.g. discrimination by a faculty member, workplace issues at UBC), you can apply for case funding from the Student Legal Fund Society, which would go towards speaking to a lawyer and obtaining legal help.

  • The first step would be to email 1) a completed Application Form and 2) a Liability Waiver. Both forms are found below, or you can click this link. Please describe the case with as much detail as possible.

  • The SLFS board will then review your application to see if the case falls under our mandate. It must related to UBC specifically, and have broad implications for students (in other words, it can't be a very specific, one-time issue and must be able to apply to multiple cases).

  • If your case is relevant to our mandate, we pass it on to our Litigation Committee, comprised of a practising lawyer, an Allard professor and three law students. They will then review the case to see if it would have a high probability of success in court and provide guidance on how much funding to provide.

  • We will then communicate the decision and funding amount to you (the applicant). If the case is approved, you will be put into contact with a lawyer who will meet with you to discuss the case. The SLFS can be directly billed for lawyer time, and if more funding is needed, you can apply for more funding.

  • If the case is not approved, you will be informed of the reasons why and invited to apply again if your case can be made more relevant or specific.

Some Tips for Applicants:

  • Specificity on what legal outcome you expect is helpful. Do you want legal advice, to pursue a specific legal action, etc?

  • Providing supporting documents (e.g. emails, examples, anything to support your case) is also very helpful as it provides context for the LitCom to assess the likelihood of success.

    • Given that the LitCom needs time to assemble and discuss, a decision timeframe of around three weeks is standard to hear back from the SLFS.

  • If you would like advice on your case application before formally submitting it, please can contact to talk about it first.


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