Want to run for a position on the SLFS Board?

The next SLFS General Election will be held in March 2017

Nomination Forms are available at the AMS Main Office on the 3rd floor of the Student NEST

Board Nominations Open January 3 - February 17, 2017


All Candidates Must:

  1. be an SLFS member (i.e., a student at UBC Vancouver or one of the affiliated colleges, such as Regent or VST);
  2. submit a nomination form with supporting signatures to the Administrative Assistant by the deadline established by the Elections Committee;
  3. attend the All-Candidates Meeting (an information session).

Candidates Will Also:

  1. be interviewed by the Ubyssey for the Elections Supplement;
  2. take part in All-Candidates Forums (debates).


General Campaign Rules:

  1. all campaigning material must be approved by the AMS Elections Committee;
  2. candidates are not to start campaigning until the start of the Official Campaign Period;
  3. candidates must not exceed the spending limit set by the AMS Elections Committee;
  4. candidates are entitled to reimbursements up to the limit set by the AMS Elections Committee if they receive a high enough percentage of the vote;
  5. candidates may run in “slates,” i.e., groups, and slate members are also allowed to endorse each other.

For more information or to get answers to any questions you might have, contact us.

6 Directors shall be elected from the membership. Directors shall elect the officers of the society at the first meeting following the AGM.