Meeting Minutes Oct. 8, 2018

Student Legal Fund Society (SLFS)

Board Meeting Minutes

October 8th, 2018

NEST 3123 – 10:00 AM



I.               Call to Order

a.     BE IT RESOLVED THAT the meeting be called to order at 1:00PM.

Moved: Ben         Seconded: Jake




II.             Approval of the Agenda

a.     BE IT RESOLVED THAT the agenda be adopted as presented.

Moved: Ben         Seconded: Jake



III.           Motion

       Motion #1- Approval of Budget 

a.     BE IT RESOLVED THAT the financial budget presented be adopted for the 2018/19 fiscal year.

Moved:  Ben                          Seconded: Jake  




-        19,000 last year budgeting for 15,500 this year

-        budgeted 2,000 last year for special projects and computer software

-        8,000 for advertising and promotion - include special projects within that

-        food and drinks should be included in workshop budget

-        no internet fees is included in our office this year, 60$ for phone, 8000 ad and promo workshop, miscellaneous expenses, etc.

-        14$ for 10 hrs/week office admin

-        salary for year = 4,200$

-        294$ benefits = 7% of salary

-        all should be around 15,000 budgeted for this year


-        we should try to get our budget around 15,000 this year

-        could ink and paper be office supplies

-        increase office supplies to 300$

-        200 admin

-        we do not need to resupply ink more than 3 times a year

-        resolve personal printing use with elle

-        justify budget with the litigation committee dinners

-        bring down the photocopying number

-        advertising budget vs our photocopying budget


-        $14,494.20 for new budget

-        needs to make it more clear as to what is for what for the budget

-        business cards


-        someone from AMS wants to come and discuss the budget with them

-        present budget sometime in the near future


IV.            Discussion (workshop dates & prep, event reports, business cards)



Message Kate about lawyer for lit committee



-        academic rights and tenancy rights in october

-        advertising at least a week before

-        week of october 21 for academic rights

-        mid -november tenancy

-        next semester - tenancy at first year residence

-        civil rights sometime throughout that semester



-        academic and civil this semester



-        two tenancy workshops second semester and one undetermined workshop

-        2pm workshops



-        Wednesday October 24 at 2pm first workshop


-        Wednesday November 14 at 2pm Academic workshop


-        Civil workshop for Oct 24? and Nov 14 academic workshop

-        prep 101 class for free for raffel

-        see how the 24th one goes in the nest and if not sufficient we could potentially move to a 1st year res?

-        maybe the week of nov 11

-        Nov 30 last day of classes


-        event reports, what worked and what didn’t for the future board of the SLFS


-        asked jake about the reimbursement process


-        needs password for the etransfer


-        jake needs to enter payroll for elle every two weeks


-        she needs to submit her hours every week

-        with brief outline of what she did



-        we need to go over wave


-        headshots next week

-        lunch with the team soon


-        we want applications how can we get more cases through the door

-        is there a club newsletter

-        how can we get into club newsletters to promote us


Elle get in contact with various clubs that would be willing to put us in their newsletters


Get Thabo and Elle ready to prep for the first workshop in 2 weeks!


I.               Adjournment

b.     BE IT RESOLVED THAT the meeting be adjourned at 2:00PM.

Moved: Jake                          Seconded: Yumi