At the University of British Columbia



SLFS is a non-profit student run society that provides advisory, legal, and financial assistance to fund, initiate and continue advocacy, lobbying and litigation to improve education and access to education at UBC and such other matters of law, which set broad precedent and concern UBC students.


Roshni Pendse


Hi, my name is Roshni and I’m a fifth-year International Economics + Master of Management student. Having spent last year as AMS Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs and a Senior Residence Advisor, I look forward to using my past experiences with student outreach and advocacy to improve the way the Student Legal Fund Society runs.



Stuart Isherwood


Hello! My name is Stuart, and I am a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Arts studying towards a degree in International Relations with a minor in Law & Society. With my on-campus involvements in both student recruitment as a UBC Student Ambassador, as well as student experience as a Residence Advisor and a former staff member of the AMS, I have come to understand the intricacies of ensuring that all students have a safe and equitable living and learning environment here at UBC. As the directors of the SLFS, we are excited to be able to provide an accessible and transparent platform to further students’ success.



Jerome Goddard


Hi, my name is Jerome Goddard and I’m a third-year Political Science student. Having spent the past year as the Chief AMS Rep of the Arts Undergraduate Society and the Chair of the AMS Student Life Committee, I look forward to bringing transparency and student engagement to the Student Legal Fund Society. I am very excited for the opportunity to engage with more students and help them understand what the SLFS can do for them in advocacy and events.



Suyoung Ahn


Hi! My name is Suyoung Ahn and I am a fifth-year Combined Major in Science and Master of Management student. As a Senior Residence Advisor and the former AMS Clubs Administrator, I have a keen interest in increasing accessibility, awareness and advocacy for others. We are excited to work with the student body to share resources and services.


Suyoung Ahn.jpg

Tintin Yang

Board Member

My name is Tintin Yang and I am a fifth-year student majoring in International Relations and minoring in Asian Canadian Asian Migration studies. As an outreach worker at the Sexual Assault Support Centre, I want to reform the SLFS to be as accessible as possible to students, especially those with marginalized backgrounds and survivors. Our team is looking forward to building on the work of our predecessors to provide educational workshops for students concerning everything from tenant rights to civil rights by expanding our legal educational services.


Kennedy Gagnon

Board Member

Hi, my name is Kennedy and I’m a fifth-year Sociology and Master of Management student. As former Associate Vice President, University Affairs at the AMS and Former President of UBC Sororities, I look forward to bringing more transparency to the Student Legal Fund Society alongside the dedicated leaders on our team.


Christopher Hakim

AMS Representative

Hi! I’m a fourth-year student working towards my degree in Political Science and am currently the President of the Alma Mater Society (AMS). My role in the AMS couldn't be more suited to my interest and understanding of how political structures in government-like institutions work, and the authority that comes with various positions. I bring the AMS perspective to the Student Legal Fund Society, and am keen to ensure transparency and bring the perspective of all the students I interact with as President.