Q. What does the SLFS do?

The SLFS' mandate is to support litigation, advocacy, and lobbying for improved education and access to education at UBC, and other matters of law that set broad precedent and are of concern to UBC students. We host informational events on your legal rights, provide a full lawyer referral subsidy, and fund cases that are of concern to UBC students.

Q. Am I a member of the SLFS?

A. If you're a UBC student who has paid the $1 SLFS fee (levied during the payment of student fees) by not opting out of it, you are a member of the SLFS and can use our services, attend our events and access funding!

Q. Is the SLFS comprised of lawyers? Can you represent me?

A. The SLFS is comprised of undergraduate students. We are not lawyers, and cannot represent you in any way. However, we can fund your case, direct you to legal resources, and put you in contact with a lawyer.

Q. What issues can I bring to the SLFS?

A. Any issues relating to your experience at UBC, that is a broad matter that would affect many students, falls under our mandate. Please note, the vast majority of off-campus disputes that don't directly involve UBC are not within our mandate.

Q. How much money can I get from the SLFS?

A. We fund on a case-by-case basis, and submitting a case application so that we know more about your case will be helpful. In many circumstances, we are able to cover all legal fees.

Q. How do you decide which cases to fund, and how much they get?

A. Since the SLFS Board isn't comprised of lawyers, we submit case applications to the SLFS Litigation Committee, comprised of lawyers and Allard law students, to review case feasibility and make recommendations.

Q. I just want a bit of legal advice. Where can I go?

A. The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) provides a 30 minute phone call with a lawyer so that you're able to get some advice. The LRS costs $25, but SLFS members are able to receive a full subsidy.

Q. I’m interested in learning more about legal resources. Where do I find out more?

A. Please see the 'Resources' tab on this page to learn more about legal resources. We also host a number of workshops and events on tenancy rights, civil rights, and more!

Q. I think I have a case that falls under the SLFS’ mandate. What now?

A. Please see the 'Services' tab for more information. You must fill out two forms: a liability waiver and a case application. If your case falls within our mandate, we send it over to our Litigation Committee, who determines if it is a strong case and how much funding should be provided. After that, you're put into contact with a lawyer who will be able to help you with the legal nitty gritty!